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materi listening speaking melalui podcast

AnaOgi – Melanjutkan materi belajar listening online melalui audio podcast tahap 2, pada bagian ini tetap sambungkan audio yang sudah Anda dengar. Hubungkan audio dengan memperhatikan script percakapan listening dibawah ini. Selamat mendengarkan!

Section 6: Carolina

Tess: Right, now it’s time to meet Carolina again. Remember that Carolina is from Venezuela. She’s come to Britain to live, study and, she hopes, have a good time – and we’re going with her!

Ravi: She speaks very good English, but this is her first visit to Britain, so some things are very strange for her. Last time we heard Carolina at the immigration desk at the airport where they checked her passport. Next, Carolina went to collect her suitcase but, unfortunately, her suitcase didn’t appear.

Carolina: Oh. Excuse me. Can you tell me where the Lost Luggage Office is please? Airport worker: It’s over there. That desk over there, near the exit. Carolina: Thank you. Carolina: Hello. Erm.. My bag hasn’t arrived. What do I have to do? Lost luggage clerk: OK. Where have you arrived from? Carolina: From Venezuela. Caracas.

Lost luggage clerk: And you’re sure that your bag isn’t on the carousel? Carolina: I’m sure. I’ve waited for an hour. All the other people on my flight have gone. There are no more bags coming out. Lost luggage clerk: Hmm. OK. We’ll need to fill in a report. Can I have your name please? Carolina: It’s Carolina. And my surname is.

Lost luggage clerk: OK. Now we need a description of the bag. Can you tell me what it looks like? Carolina: Erm, it’s a black suitcase. Quite big. Lost luggage clerk: Look at these pictures. Which one looks most like your suitcase? Carolina: Erm, this one, I think.

Lost luggage clerk: The biggest one? Carolina: Yes, I think so. Lost luggage clerk: And is it all black? The handle as well? Carolina: Yes, everything. A black suitcase and a black handle. Lost luggage clerk: OK. Anything else? Carolina: Yes. There was a label on it. With my name. And there’s a little white star on the top, next to the handle. So I can see that it’s mine.

Lost luggage clerk: Little ..white …star. OK. Anything else? Carolina: No. I think that’s everything. Lost luggage clerk: OK. Don’t worry. I’m sure we’ll find it. Can you wait a few minutes while I make some calls? Carolina: OK. Thank you.

Tess: Oh! Poor Carolina. I hope they found her bag. Ravi: Me too.

Section 7 – The joke

Ravi: We’ll hear more next time but that’s almost everything for today before we listen to Tom, our English teacher. Tess: Just time for one more thing. (raises voice) Gordon! Gordon: Yes, here I am. Ravi: OK then Gordon, let’s hear your joke for today. Gordon: OK. It’s a camping joke. Tess, you’ll love it. Ravi: Come on then.

Gordon: Well, Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson are on a camping trip in the countryside. Late at night, Holmes and Watson are lying on their backs looking up at all the stars in the sky. Sherlock Holmes says, “Doctor Watson, look at all the stars and tell me what important question we have to ask.” Doctor Watson says, “Well, OK. There are millions and millions of stars in the sky.

No-one knows exactly how many. There are planets out there that no-one has seen with a telescope. Maybe there is a planet somewhere that is just like earth. I think the question we have to ask is, “Is there life in another part of our universe?” And Sherlock Holmes says, “Watson, you idiot! The question we have to ask is “WHERE IS OUR TENT?”

Ravi: That’s quite good, actually Gordon. Not bad. Tess: Well that really is all we’ve got time for. We have to go now but don’t go away. After this little break you’re going to hear Tom, our studio English teacher. After every podcast, Tom talks about the language you heard and gives you ideas to help you learn. So, don’t go away, but we’ll say goodbye now. See you next time.

Ravi: Bye! Don’t forget to send us your emails! Here’s that address one more time. It’s
learnenglishpodcastATbritishcouncilDOT org.

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