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Sekarang anda berada pada Latihan Tes Soal TOEFL Written bagian Ketiga. Peraturan dalam mengerjakan soal toefl ini masih sama dengan aturan toefl written expression sebelumnya. Waktu anda untuk mengerjakan soal toefl ini hanya 15 menit untuk 25 soal. Sebelum mengerjakan, isilah biodata anda pada kolom dibawah. Selamat mengerjakan.

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1. According to most psychological studies, body language expresses a speaker’s emotions and attitudes, and it also tends to affect the emotions and attitudes of the listen.
2. The dachshund is a hardy, alert dog with a well sense of smell.
3. Quasars, faint celestial objects resembling stars, are perhaps the most distant objects know.
4. The importance of environmental stimuli in the development of coordination between sensory input and motor response varies to species to species.
5. A smile can be observed, described, and reliably identify, it can also be elicited and manipulated under experimental conditions.
6. A musical genius, John Cage is noted for his highly unconventional ideas, and he respected for his unusual compositions and performances.
7. Chocolate is prepared by a complexity process of cleaning, blending and roasting cocoa beans, which must be ground and mixed with sugar.
8. Several million points on the human body registers either cold, heat, pain, or touch.
9. In the 1800’s store owners sold everything from a needle to a plow, trust everyone, and never took inventory..
10. Although they reflect a strong social conscience, Arthur Miller’s stage works are typical more concerned with individuals than with systems.
11. While highly prized for symbolizing good luck, the four-leaf clover is rarity found in nature.
12. An involuntary reflex, an yawn is almost impossible to stop once the mouth muscles begin the stretching action.
13. Elected to serve in the United States House of representatives in 1968, Shirley Chisholm was known for advocacy the interests of the urban poor.
14.  A mirage is an atmospheric optical illusion in what an observer sees a nonexistent body of water or an image of some object..
15.  Turquoise, which found in microscopic crystals, is opaque with a waxy luster, varying in color from greenish gray to sky blue.
16. Homo erectus is the name commonly given into the primate species from which humans are believed to have evolved.
17. Today, modern textile mills can manufacture as much fabrics in a few seconds as it once took workers weeks to produce by hand.
18. The Hopi, the westernmost tribe of Pueblo Indians, have traditionally live large. multilevel structures clustered in towns.
19. Exploration of the Solar System is continuing and at the present rate of progress all the planets will have been contacted with in the near 50 years.
20. Since their appearance on farms in the United States between 1913 and 1920, trucks have changed patterns of production and market of farm products.
21. Antique collection became a significant pastime in the 1800’s when old object began to be appreciated for their beauty as well as for their historical importance.
22. American painter Georgia O’Keeffe is well known as her large paintings of flowers in which single blossoms are presented as if in close-up.
23. Despite television is the dominant entertainment medium for United States households, Garrison Keillor’s Saturday night radio show of folk songs and stories is heard by millions of people.
24. The work which the poet Emma Lazarus is best known is “The New Colossus”,which is inscribed on the pedestal of the Statue of Liberty.
25. In the New England colonies, Chippendale designs were adapted to locally tastes, and beautiful furniture resulted.


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