Soal TOEFL Structure: Latihan Tes Bagian Ketiga


Sekarang anda berada pada latihan TOEFL structure bagian ketiga. Peraturan dalam mengerjakan tes toefl online ini masih sama dengan aturan sebelumnya yaitu melengkapi setiap kalimat dengan pilihan yang kata yang paling tepat. Waktu anda untuk mengerjakan soal toefl ini hanya 10 menit untuk 15 soal. Sebelum mengerjakan, isilah biodata anda pada kolom dibawah. Selamat mengerjakan.

Welcome to your Latihan Tes Soal TOEFL Structure Bagian Ketiga

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1. Some snakes lay eggs, but others _____ birth to live offspring
2. Because it was so closely related to communication, _____ art form to develop.
3. Halley’s Comet had its first documented sighting in 240 B.C. in China and _____it has been seen from the Earth 29 times.
4. _____ that managers commit in problem solving is jumping to a conclusion about the cause of a given problem.
5. Algonkian-speaking Native Americans greeted the Pilgrims _____ settled on the eastern shores of what is now New England.
6. The best known books of Ross Macdonald, _____ writer of detective novels, feature the character Lew Archer, a private detective.
7. The first building to employ steel skeleton construction, _____.
8. During the course of its growth, a frog undergoes a true metamorphosis _____ with fishlike larval stage.
9. Mahalia Jackson, _____ combined powerfully vitality with great dignity, was one of the best known gospel singers in the United-States.
10. Precious metals, gems, and ivory have been used to make buttons, but most buttons are made of _____ wood, glass, or plastic.
11. Outside the bright primary rainbow, _____ much fainter secondary rainbow may be visible.
12. An critic, teacher, librarian, or poet who hopes to broaden poetry’s audience faces the difficult challenge of persuading skeptical readers _____.
13. Following the guidelines for speaking and voting established by the book Robert’s Rules of Order, _____ during meetings.
14. Indigo is a vat color, _____ called because it does not dissolve in water.
15. Associated withthe Denishawn company from 1916 until 1923, Martha Graham developed a powerful, -------that was integral to the foundations of modern dance.


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