Latihan Soal Pendalaman Materi TOEFL Structure


Setelah mempelajari beberapa topik pembahasan pada materi trik cara menjawab soal toefl structure, berikut ini merupakan soal latihan pengayaan/pendalaman pemahaman tentang soal structure. Cara menjawabnya cukup mudah, yaitu:

  1. Identifikasi kalimat yang benar atau yang salah dalam setiap soal
  2. Jawablah setiap soal (hanya 2 jawaban: benar atau salah)

Latihan Pendalaman Materi TOEFL Structure fokus pada materi subjek dan verb serta present participle.

Selamat datang di Latihan pendalaman toefl structure

Anda berada pada latihan pendalaman soal TOEFL Structure. Waktu mengerjakan soal ini adalah 6 menit dengan jumlah soal 20 nomor.

Jawablah pertanyaan dengan baik setiap soal. Untuk memulai, harap ikuti petunjuk berikut:

  1. Isilah data anda pada kolom dibawah
  2. Waktu akan berjalan setelah soal anda muncul.
  3. Hasil tes anda akan terlihat di akhir section berserta pembenaran jawaban.
  4. Anda dapat mengulangnya kembali tes ini kapanpun.


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1. Last week went fishing for trout at the nearby mountain lake
2. A schedule of the day's events can be obtained at the front desk
3. A job on the day shift or the night shift at the plant available
4. the new computer program has provides a variety of helpful applications
5. the box can be opened only with a special screwdriver
6. the assigned text for history class it contains more than twenty chapters
7. The papers in the wastebasker should be emptied into the trash can outside
8. Depature before dawn on a boat in the middle of the harbor
9. Yesterday found an interesting article on pollution
10. the new machine is processes 50 percent more than the previous machine
11. the companies offering the lowest prices will have the most costumers
12. those thravelers are completing their trip on Delta should report to Gate Three
13. The artisans were demonstrating various handicrafts at booths throughout the fair
14. the fraternities are giving the wildest parties attract the most new pledges
15. the first team winning four games is awarded the championship
16. the speaker was trying to make his point was often interrupted vociferously
17. the fruits were rotting because of the moisture in the crates carrying them to market
18. any students desiring official transcripts should complete the appropriate form
19. the advertisements were announcing the half-day sale received a lot of attention
20. the spices flavoring the meal were quite distinctive

Periksa kembali jawaban anda untuk memastikan bahwa tidak ada yang terlewatkan. Selesaikan dengan KIRIM untuk melihat hasil anda di latihan Latihan pendalaman toefl structure


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